We've been having a wonderful trip, and have reached our destination in Santa Monica.  We're away from downtown, but only a couple of blocks from the light rail that will get us there in 15 minutes, or will take us the other way, directly into Los Angeles.  We're in a very cute little studio cottage in back of a house.  It's very comfortable, safe, and quiet.

Our travels first took us to Pacific Grove, then Big Sur, Cambria, and Santa Barbara.  Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment.


Your dad on a beach on the way to Big Sur


Monarch butterflies in Pacific Grove (you'll have to look closely to see them)

The last surfer coming in at Moonstone Beach in Cambria

The boardwalk in Cambria

A beautiful cove with a waterfall in Big Sur

La Paz, Mexico


La Paz

Iceland Part 3

We have limited access to wifi, so I'm sending you all these pictures as a group. It is impossible to capture Iceland on film. It's just one of those places that has to be seen in person, but maybe you'll get an idea from these pix.

Another waterfall:

 The view from our little cabin, which is near the edge of a river.

 Our cabin


Nancy in a forest. Yes, this is a forest! The trees don't get very tall at all. They say that if you get lost in a forest in Iceland and you want to find your way out, just stand up. :-)

The moon last night.