Kenya / Tanzania, October, 2014

From Nancy:


Jambo from Tanzania!

This trip has been a dream of mine almost all my life.  It has been very different from any trip we've ever taken - this is a tour, and we have been visiting two very different countries.  We are staying in pretty nice places, and I am not comfortable with being fawned over (for tips), and we are dependent on our driver (because of the fear of terrorism and Ebola, there are very few tourists in Kenya so we have a driver all to ourselves).

We have seen the most incredible animals - thousands of them - close up, too.  Today, there were four female lions and a cub, sleeping by the side of the road.  We've seen thousands of antelope, wildebeest and buffalo.  We have also seen male lions, elephants, lots do giraffes... Really amazing sights. 

We are now lodging on the edge of the Norongoro Crater.  It is a really beautiful place. 



From Robert:


back after 22 hours of flying, no turbulence whatsoever!
 on our last day in Kenya, after 16 days in which we developed new kindly feelings for the African animals, the safari group gave us a meal at a rather expensive restaurant in Nairobi called "the carnivore" where most of the food was barbequed animals, beef, pork, lamb, crocodile, ostrich. yikes!

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