Australia, 2015

The first three pictures are from the Outback.  The story behind the car is that the woman who drove it died, and her nephew dragged it out there as sort of a tribute to her.  Australians have an interesting sense of humor.  It's whacky, and your dad and I really enjoy it.  

The second picture is of a kangaroo.  We saw a few of them while we were in the Outback.  They can run like the wind.  Such interesting creatures!  

The third picture is of Alice Springs, a small town almost right smack dab in the middle of Australia.  It was hot and dry there too, but had way fewer flies.  I liked it there, but it's really good for just one or two days.  

The fourth picture is one of the crocs we saw on a Billabong not too far from Darwin.  Darwin is a subtropical city at the top of Australia.  It's a mining town, and although very tourist friendly, it's a little rough around the edges.  It was more humid there, but it was quite dry, too.  The best thing we did in Darwin was go to the Beach Chair Cinema, an outdoor theater in a beautiful, tropical setting.  They had food for dinner if you wanted it, a full bar, and deck chairs with pillows for more comfort.  I loved watching the sunset through the trees.  They had live music before the movie, too.

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