Cairns, 2015

The first three are of Cairns, a very, very touristy city to the east of Darwin.  It's much more lush and green, and more humid, too.  But it's beautiful.  The breezes keep you from roasting, and it feels a quite a bit like Hawaii.  

The second picture is of the board walk that runs the length of the downtown tourist area.  We walked it from our hotel to the botanical gardens, which was about a mile and a half.  There were warning signs about being on the lookout for crocs.  Apparently, there are times of the year when the crocs are a problem there.  We didn't see any.  

The fourth picture are of some Lorikeets.  They're beautiful little parrot-like birds who swarm to the same trees every evening, before nightfall.  They're playful and horse around in the branches, "fighting" with each other and making lots of noise.  Another thing in Cairns that swarms to the trees every night are the "flying foxes", huge bats.  They're amazing, and much bigger than birds.  They're fruit eaters, so no threat to humans or animals. 

The last picture is of sulfur-crested cockatiels.  You see these amazing birds flying all over the southern and eastern states of Australia.

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