Iceland Part 2

ok, so I go to the guy who is behind the counter at the sort of 7/11 and ask for 2 hot chocolates. gotta have something to drink with our great sammwitches that we made. and the guy says " do you want raw onions or fried onions on them".
oh-oh I thought for a moment, these Icelanders have another weird thing they consume. but to my relief, I realized that he thought I wanted 2 hot dogs. we both had a good yuk fest over that.
went to blue lagoon here, aaah! in a few minutes off to 'the pearl' for an expensive meal. well, every meal is expensive here. the pearl is a big hot water tank that supplies much of the water for reyjkavik (?). but it has a revolving restaurant on the top.
can't wait to leave here, our 'apartment' sucks, I am hoping our place in akureyri is better.
weather is a teeny bit rainy but great.

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