Iceland Part 1

In spite of chilly weather (53 degrees) and rain, we went sightseeing yesterday.  We drove out of the suburb of Reykjavik where we're staying and into the countryside.  Along the way, we stopped to have something to drink, and I saw some food signs.  While the food isn't exotic, the Icelandic names are.

Afterward, we stopped by a lake.  It wasn't exotic either, but the scenery is certainly different.  Not a tree in sight.  Iceland is sort of stark looking, but I find it beautiful.  There are some small forests, and things are incredibly green - lots of ground covers and lots of moss on the rocky soil.

We also saw a lot of Icelandic horses.   They were brought here by the Vikings, and are considered the purest breed of horse in the world.  They're quite small, with shorter legs than other horses.  They're very strong, smart, very trainable,  and friendly.   The two in the picture below came right over to me and were happy to let me rub their noses, though I think they really wanted a handout.  They're bred here and many are exported to Europe because they're quite different from "regular" horses, and are very popular.

The picture of the waterfall (cataract, actually) isn't good.  It was raining pretty hard and I had Gpa hold an umbrella over me so I could take the picture.  I didn't check to see if it was good or not until now.  I was feeling too wet and chilled.

On the drive back to our apartment, we saw a lot of natural steam vents.  This island is a geothermal wonderland.  It has some pretty bodacious volcanoes too.  I took the pictures from the car.

Tomorrow we'll go into Reykjavik's city center.  We'll sightsee there, and also plan to visit the headquarters for their humanist organization.  I hope to write an article about that for the Bay Area Humanist organization we belong to.

I'll be in touch again, hopefully with better pictures.




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